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About me
Photography has been a passion for me for more than 15 years. In the beginning, my work consisted in typical tourist snapshots, but soon the passion took over, and I started delving more and more into the technical aspects of the art, themes, composition and, most importantly, to use the effect of light on my photos. 


During official ceremonies, like weddings, I prefer to stay in the background and document the event as much as possible without interfering or getting noticed. The equipment that I have do not require for me to use the flash, and therefore I can stay at a good distance and still get excellent photos.

During portrait sessions we will walk around together until I find the good light and the right background, and I will help those to be photographed to get into a position. Then I will let the subjects move at will and improvise, with minor advices and assistance from my part. The mood during these sessions is kept light, relaxed and, if appropriate, with laughter and fun.
This way it is ensured that the photos will turn out beautiful, natural, and that they will have lots of life infused into them.


Photo style
My goal is that the finished photos should look exactly the way the eye captured the real thing when the picture was taken. A camera-sensor cant always see what the human eye can see, and often editing in software is needed to bring the original sight back into the photo.
My photos appear with natural colors, sharp and a clear main subject, after editing.


I photograph weddings, events, portrait sessions and much more. I also can arrange to have portrait sessions at sunset and sunrise, if desired.